Efem Mediterranean Youth and Sport Club Association with its almost 70 members is a non governmental organization which aims at the ideal of teaching its members how to improve their physical, mental and cultural activities by means of presenting Turkish folklore and folk music, taking part in folk dance and music competitions and carrying out voluntary and project works. We emphasize the importance of retaining our national and cultural values, human rights and citizenship duties as well as encouraging our members to be active social agents. We highly value respect, tolerance and democracy as our philosophy and we prompt our members to be more self-confident, creative and productive. Within this context we co-operate with national and international organizations. We carry out various European Union Projects including EU Youth in Action projects. We have been implementing EVS projects as sending-hosting-coordinating organization since 2013.

In the field of language acquisition, we try to develop specific teaching and learning materials in order to integrate senior people into social life through fostering of music and cultural activities. Our association proposes social education strategies based on the involvement of generations that have the experience of making music and provide a platform where participants learn from one another by means of musical activities.