FLOW aims at helping adult learners in their learning process. A large variety of strategies and tools will be provided to adult educators to meet learners’ expectations in the classroom.
San Roque Official School of Languages, after receiving recognition for Quality Erasmus+2019 in the adult sector, is ready to coordinate this ambitious and complex Project that comprehends a large partnertship and a series of different fields. This variety of disciplines will be integrated in the classroom in order to promote the figure of the inclusive teacher.
Uciliste Studium (Croatia) as Project Coordinator, Dante (Croatia), EDUCA (Czech Republic), ACTA (Romania), and EOI San Roque (Spain), were Erasmus+ KA204 project partners in 2019.
We all have the same educational profile,- language centers- and we have been in contact since then. Three more institutions were selected and invited to take part in this project: EOI Estepona (Spain),Step (Slovenia)and Efem (Turkey).They are a point of reference for different necessary fields to carry out this Project. All the partners agree with the idea that EOI San Roque should be the coordinator.
We feel excited and motivated, and this project is a big step forward in offering a new methodology inclusive to adult learners. The aim of this action is to encourage learners to continue their lifelong learning. Dealing with adult learners of different abilities in class is an issue of major importance. This heterogeneity is the most challenging part of working as teachers today as it makes it a difficult task to support every learner´s individualised learning. There is a lack of,- and need for-, useful strategies to put in practice in a heterogeneous classroom to deal with individuality. Considering this fact, an educational methodology which includes creativity and emotional intelligence, along with other features, is necessary. In the 21st century classroom, teachers are facilitators and coaches of productive classroom environments where learners can develop the necessary skills to become highly motivated and empowered learners. This is a challenge teachers face in their learner-centered classrooms.
This Project aims to make institutions advance steadily in adjusting teaching to meet the needs of adult learners. By updating educational methods and implementing the FLOW concept, both teachers and adult learners will reach the goal of participating in an excellent educational experience. We are heading for an inclusive and equitable quality education that will create a suitable workplace where learners will overcome their fears, anxieties and difficulties. By implementing motivating activities the learners will “flow” and the institutions will ensure and promote lifelong learning processes. The class will make them comfortable and happy and will create a sense of connection and classroom belonging .By acquiring new strategies the learners not only will reach their educational goals, but they will develop personal growth.
The eight institutions are specialized in foreign language teaching for adult learners. Proficiency in other languages is a vital skill to expand the job pool and allow adult learners to climb the career ladder faster. Incorporating new technologies in teaching and learning languages is an added value to educational processes. One of our goals is to help bridge the digital divide so that adult learners can acquire the necessary technological skills they will need to be successful in their learning processes. Improving technological skills and becoming digitally adept active citizens is another important challenge for both teachers and learners. These institutions, in order to successfully implement the FLOW concept, will offer: educational coaching (EOI SAN ROQUE), non formal activities for learning (EFEM), applied theatre tecniques (DANTE), collaborative work (EDUCA), emotional intelligence (STEP), Team dynamics (ACTA), new technologies (EOI ESTEPONA) and gamification (STUDIUM).
We will train each other, and we will agree to analyse situations that are difficult to handle in the classroom. They will propose new methodologies to turn negative emotions into positive ones, reach empowerment and achieve a state of flow.
We want to develop and strengthen networks, to grow on the international level, to share good practices and methodologies, to confront points of views; in short, to reach academic excellence as a characteristic of good educational institutions in order to be an European reference in longlife learning and innovative education.
It´s worth it to consider the value of the multiplier effect of our education not only in our educational community but also in the rest of all citizens to reach a high quality educational system.