Educa – Educational Centre is a private educational centre based and functioning in the field of lifelong adult education since 1991 in the Northern Bohemia and especially in Liberec region. Educa prepares and organizes trainings in various skills: languages, IT, accountancy and taxes, etc. One of the main activities is providing complete language services, preparation and realization of language courses and trainings, translating and consulting services. Educa teaches English, Spanish, Italian, French, German, Chinese, Russian, Polish and Czech as a second language. The Centre is a Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports Accredited Institute, providing also some accredited courses for teaching professionals. We use modern teaching methods reflecting European concepts for education, teaching and testing. Besides, we make active use of a flexible teaching and approaches of student-centred teaching and cooperative learning.

We have about 500 adult language students per year and up to 30 teachers of languages. Our target group includes general public, companies, individuals including unemployed people, migrants and asylum seekers. Educa has broad experience in national and international projects . We participated in various projects mainly language oriented in the frame of Sokrates, Grundtvig, in Leonardo mobility and TOI projects and Lingua, Erasmus+.