“FLOW: fun, learning, opportunities, well-being”



8 partners from 6 different countries

We are back from the summer and after the holidays we continue our project. The next meeting will take place in Oradea (Romania). Our partner, ACTA, is preparing the 5-day training in this wonderful city in the west of the country.This week ACTA has sent us […]
Our coordinator, Marian Díaz, has met with the national Erasmus+ agency (SEPIE) to discuss the duration of our FLOW project. Because of the pandemic we could not start on the agreed date and the limitations of each country for mobilities had prevented us from the normal […]
Finally we can show our promotional video about the Flow project. The Turkish partners have done a great job. Now we can show in a video a summary of our project and its objectives. All partners are present in this production, so we can get to […]
We have just published our stay in Slovenia. Thanks to our colleague Isabel for compiling all the experiences in a very interesting and colourful article: http://ka204flow.eu/index.php/c1-flow-in-the-classroom-flow-in-music-i/In the story we can see the day by day of this training week coordinated by our partner STEP.The training has […]
From the 9th to the 13th of May, a training was carried out by our Slovenian partners, Step Institute. Activities for teachers on how to develop emotional intelligence in our classes were shown. We also had the opportunity to visit the most charming places in the […]
Next transnational meeting will take place in Ljubljana, Slovenia. Step Institut’s team are going to receive all of us from 9th to 13th of May 2022.